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What is Hard Water?

..It is water that contains large amounts of minerals such as calcium, limestone and magnesium. These minerals are perfectly safe to use for drinking and bathing but it can have major consequences on materials in your home like the plumbing, aluminum and steel fixtures and faucets, and yes even your glass windows.

  tds meter Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in units of parts per million (ppm). A TDS meter is used to measure.  


- On a scale from 0-700, hardwater is reported between 80-700
- Levels from 05-80 is considered soft water
- Level 0 is pure water and has no solids/minerals/calcium in it
- Rain water from the sky has a reading of 0 and is pure water

  hard water on sink Hard water damage on a bathroom sink. If water is allowed to sit and dry it will create the white residue that you see in this picture. Hardwater with TDS readings of 80 or higher will cause this.  
  hard water on sink Shower glass doors are constantly getting wet, you will notice that some homeowners keep a squeegie in the shower and they wipe the water off the glass to prevent it from causing damage that you see in this picture.  
  hard water on sink Windows on your home that get hit by water sprinklers or pool water will develop the water spots you see in this picture. Rain water from the sky will not cause this as it is pure water with a TDS reading of "0"  


our chemicals
DaHawaiian Window Cleaner uses 100% Pure Water to clean your windows. Along with a variety of the best professional equipment, our cleaning products contain a de-ion factor that leaves no residue and no hard water spots as it cleans and degreases your windows.

  The TDS readings are in red for each area
* the below readings are personal research done over the years while servicing homes in each area and measuring their water levels. This research is in no way to be official documentation and is for entertainment purposes only.


our chemicals
If your glass has hard water stains it will depend on the severity of the stain as to the best way to remove it. Most common chemicals for hard water removal can be found at local stores and may do the job if the deposits are fresh on your glass. If the hard water deposits have been sitting for a few days then an abrasive professionaly applied along with some elbow grease might be able to remove it.

In our finding across the island of Oahu, the hard water has very high levels and if it is left to sit on the glass for more then a few months it will start to etch into the glass resulting in permanent damage. At this point no chemical will remove the etched water spots and a more advanced method of polishing with a machine will do the trick to restore the glass back to like new conditions.

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