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Window Types

We are capable of cleaning any and all types of windows that are installed into any structure. With years of professional workmanship, tried and tested methods that are proven to be the most effective ways of cleaning glass.


  AWNING windows   CASE windows  
  This horizontally hung window hinges on the top and allows for a cool breeze to enter.   Most newer homes have casement windows installed for its ease of use and strong durability. Usually operating as hand crank in or out.  
  awning and case windows


  SLIDER windows   JALOUSIES windows  
  Most slider windows have two windows in the frame. The sliding pane opens horizontally behind the fixed pane when opening.   These are parallel sheets of glass that make up the entire window frame, most popular in warmer climate areas like hawaii.  
  slider and jalousies windows


  DOUBLE HUNG windows   BAY windows  
  Comprised of two window panes that slide up and down within the frame. One pane is a slider and one is fixed, or both can be sliders.   Usually three or more multi panels that are at different angles and protrude outward from the wall line.  
  double hung and bay windows


  SPECIALTY windows   GLASS sliders & doors  
  Custom designed to provide aesthetic value and function in the archeticture process.   Sliding doors are usually two panes most common in an installation with one of them sliding horizontally on the inside track and the other fixed.  
  specialty and glass sliding doors/ windows
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"Homes that are on the market can increase their value up to 10% by having clean windows."


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